Emerson Kington

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Emerson Kington, Technical Director

Emerson Kington has over thirty years of experience in arts, education and cultural development ranging from working in the private sector, private non-profit sector, public sector, public and private schools, and foundations. His wide experience and his major roles in the conceptualization, development and implementation of successful artistic programs around the Boston metropolitan area have been enjoyable and successful. He also served in many roles in community development programs, Boston Public School arts projects and theater productions throughout the city as; set designer, lighting designer, technical director, production manager, and stage manager.

Emerson is now in his fifteenth year as technical director/stage manager for Boston Landmarks Orchestra. He has enjoyed working with outstanding conductors and Music Directors like Charles Ansbacher and Christopher Wilkins, unbelievable musicians, and many developing young artists from around the world. He enjoys bringing full-scale classical cultural musical production to the New England region.

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