Meet Our Team

Our programs are made possible by the financial generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations.
Boston Landmarks Orchestra believes in breaking down barriers for all people. We are proud to be a Mass. Cultural Council UP Organization.

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Free for All Concert Fund

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Meet Our Team


Jo Frances Meyer, Executive Director
Arthur Rishi, Artistic Administrator
Michelle Major, Chief Financial Officer
Jim Murray, Manager of Development & Communications
Joanne Barrett/JBPR, Public Relations
Adele Traub, Social Media Coordinator


Christopher Wilkins, Music Director
Maynard Goldman, Personnel Manager


Emerson Kington, Technical Director
Steve Colby, Sound Design & Audio Mix
MacKenzie Skeens, Stage Crew Supervisor
MLK Scholars, Stage Crew
MJ Audio, Audio Production
Michael Dwyer, Photography
Jesse Ciarmataro/H5P Creative Studio, Graphic Design

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Jo Frances Meyer
Executive Director
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Arthur Rishi
Artistic Administrator
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Michelle Major
Chief Financial Officer
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Jim Murray
Manager of Development & Communications
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Christopher Wilkins
Music Director
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Maynard Goldman
Personnel Manager
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Emerson Kington
Technical Director
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Steve Colby
Sound Engineer