2023-2024 Donors

2023-2024 Donors

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Includes donors between January 1, 2023 and June 13, 2024

Patron ($250 to $499)

Guilliaem Aertsen IV
Diane Austin and Aaron Nurick
Ruth and Irving Bigio
Courtney Clark
Jeff Dike
Janis Fox
Patricia Lee Freysinger
Sylverlyn and Charles Hill
David Howse
Judith Hurley
Stephen and Cheryl Jonas
Daniel Kurz
Holly C. Laurent
Leo Roy and Perry Russell
Tedd and Ella Saunders
Margaret Ann Scott
Walter Stine
Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
Philip Rosenkranz
Maragret Ann Scott
Thomas and Barbara Van Dyke
Renata von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck
William Walczak
Janet Wu
Craig and Catherine Weston
Sally Withington

Contributor ($500 – $999)

Robin Lee Baker
Nonie Brady
Burlington Cultural Council
Mary E. Curtis
Mary Dockray-Miller
Glenda and Robert Fishman
Christopher and Hilary Gabrieli
Mary Jo B. Haggerty
Richard and Rebecca Hawkins
Richard Howe and Betty Ann Limpert
Nancy Hudgins
Kathy and Stanley Levinson
Lisa Lynde
Pat and John McMahon
Charles Metzler and Carol Simpson
Rachel Perry
Cie Peterson
Mary Ellen Radtke
Kathy Ripin and Leonard Sayles
Arthur and Kimberly Rishi
Harborne Stuart and Cathy Tankosic
Jack Tragni
Phyllis Vineyard
Lori Wassermann
Woburn Cultural Council
Milton L. Wright Jr.
Yield Giving

Benefactor ($1,000 & up)

American Endowment Foundation
David Arnold and Ann Moritz
Gudrun and Robert Ashton
Suzanne R. Bass
Beacon Hill Civic Association
Boston Cultural Council
The Boston Foundation
Boston Midsummer Opera
Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation
Rich and Gabrielle Coffman
Cogan Family Foundation
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Laura Connors and Brian O’Connell
Mary L. Cornille
Cummings Foundation
Gene and Lloyd Dahmen
Mary E. Darmstaetter
Mary Deissler
Katherine DeMarco
Katherine and Neil Diver
Catharine-Mary Donovan
Encore Boston Harbor
Everett Cultural Council
Peter and Dieuwke Fiedler
Free for All Concert Fund
Howard Gardner and Ellen Winner
Richard and Jean Gran
Eric and Cathy Haines
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
Paul Kastner
The Klarman Family Foundation
Steven E. Levitsky
Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.
Anne P. Linn
James Liu and Alexandra Bowers
Phyllis and James Maddox
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Amy Meyer
Elizabeth P. Meyer
Jo Frances Meyer
David Moir
Kyra Montagu
Music Performance Trust Fund
Israel & Mollie Myers Foundation, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
Mitchell and Cynthia Neider
Stephen and Jeryl Oristaglio
John and Sharon Parisi
Anthony and Katharine Pell
John and Sarah Perry
The Plymouth Rock Foundation
William and Lia Poorvu
Emmett and Nicole Price
Suzanne G. Priebatsch
Suzanne and Bernard Pucker
Susan Putnam
Mabel Louise Riley Foundation
Jan and Stuart Rose
Michael and Karen Rotenberg
Diana N. Rowan Rockefeller
Allison Ryder and David Jones
Jean M. Scarrow
Andrea Schein and Angelo Veneziano
David Scudder
Samuel and Jenni Seicol
Kathy and Garrett Sharpless
Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton
Normand Smith and Judy Reed Smith
Epp Karike Jurima Sonin
Stephen Spinetto and Alice Krapf
Stephen Symchych
David and Megan Szabo
Edwin and Joan Tiffany
Angela and Herbert Wilkins
Christopher Wilkins
Douglas and Laura Wilkins
Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
Yawkey Foundation
Michael Yogman and Elizabeth Ascher
Benjamin Zander

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