We hope during this period of great uncertainty and anxiety that you can find some comfort, solace, and joy. That’s why it is our pleasure to share with you some unique stories and beautiful music from our Landmarks team to you.

So take a break, and enjoy some Interludes.

Episode Sixteen: Writing and Revisions with Christopher Wilkins and Aron Zelkowicz

Episode Fifteen: Fissinger’s Suite for Marimba with Craig McNutt

Episode Fourteen: Impressions of Cheonmachong: Concerto for Korean Three Drum Dance

Episode Thirteen: Amazing Grace in Nature with Bob Couture


Episode Twelve: A Mother’s Day Journey to Venice

Episode Eleven: “Armenian Dances” by Kareem Roustom featuring Sayat Nova

Episode Ten: Handel’s Sonata in G Minor with Andrew Price

Episode Nine: Dvorak’s Song to the Moon with Sirgourney Cook

Episode Eight: Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody


Episode Seven: Bach D Minor Sarabande with Paula Oakes

Episode Six: Bach C Major Prelude with Kenneth Stalberg

Episode Five: Second Thoughts: A Composer’s Process

Episode Four: Leclair Violin Duo with Greg and Christine Vitale


Episode Three: Bach G Major Suite with Don Krishnaswami

Episode Two: Hear the Turkish March like You’ve Never Heard It Before!

Episode One: Barber Adagio

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