Music and Memory

Music and Memory

Using research and initiatives developed by colleagues, Landmarks created a program that will provide a respite for those living with memory loss and those caring for them.

Why classical music?

  • Research proves that classical music can calm down someone who is upset or anxious
  • It can also evoke happy memories or remind them of past musical experiences
  • The part of the brain which processes music holds up even while the rest of the brain deteriorates

How it works

  • Length: 40-45 minutes with approximately five-minute musical excerpts.
  • Short speaking portions in between pieces that act as guided listening.
  • Repertoire will be familiar, soothing, calming, and sensory-friendly (not too loud or fast).
    • Mozart, Sibelius, Strauss, and familiar tunes like Greensleeves and O Danny Boy
  • Program can be offered virtually or in-person, always free of charge

For more information, contact Lessie Tyson at 617-987-2000, ext. 104 or [email protected]

Additional reading on the link between music and memory

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