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Free for All Concert Fund



2018 Pegasus Promenade by the students of Zumix, orchestration and guidance by Gonzalo Grau

2018 Oceana by Stella Sung


Anke Djé, Anke Bé by Jake Gunnar Walsh and Devin Ferreira


2017 Santiago in the Stream by Ryan Edwards and Apostolos Paraskevas

2017 Views by the students of Zumix, Orchestration and Guidance by Gonzalo Grau

2017 Aleppo Songs by Kareem Roustom




2016 Elements by Gonzalo Grau



2016 Mabinte by Ryan Edwards and Patrick Greene

2016 Hermana Frontera (Sister Border) by Gonzalo Grau


2014 Griot Legacies by Trevor Weston

2014 At the River by Larry Thomas Bell


2013 The Queen and the Conjurer, Landmarks collaboration with the Conservatory Lab Charter School, work by Michael Gandolfi for double orchestra

2013 At the River by Anthony Paul De Ritis


2012 Viaje (Voyage) Afro-Caribbean Suite by Gonzalo Grau (additional movements composed in 2014)

2012 Caribeña (Caribbean) by Miguel del Aguila


2009 The Story of Frederick Law Olmsted by Thomas Oboe Lee, text by Nancy Stevenson


2008 John Adams: The Voice Heard ‘Round the World by Anthony DiLorenzo, text by Marion R. Carlson

2008 Speak, Sing, Whale by Stephen Feigenbaum


2007 David and ‘Old Ironsides’ by Larry Thomas Bell, text by Constance Leeds

2007 Absolutely Fearless for Orchestra and Children’s Chorus by Stephen Feigenbaum


2006 Lifting the Curse: A Story of the Red Sox by Julian Wachner, text by Bill Littlefield

2006 Dance Suite for Orchestra by Jeremiah Klarman


2005 Pluto by Thomas Oboe Lee

2005 The Journey of Phillis Wheatley by Nkeiru Okoye, text by Carolivia Herron

2005 Chamber Symphony by Michael Weinstein (joint project with New England Orchestra Consortium)


2004 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Julian Wachner, text by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


2003 Make Way for Ducklings by Daniel Pinkham, text by Robert McCloskey


2002 Two Tajik Sentiments by Tolib Shakhidi

2002 MAMBO!!! by Thomas Oboe Lee

2002 Three Benjamin Franklin Dances and May We Live in Peace by Patricia Van Ness