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Audition Information

Boston Landmarks Orchestra
Principal BASSOON Auditions

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Boston Landmarks Orchestra will hold auditions for a principal bassoon player.

Qualified players are encouraged to send a resume by email to [email protected] by Friday, March 15, 2019.

Those hired must be members in good standing of the Boston Musicians’ Association. Acceptance to the Boston Landmarks Orchestra’s hiring list does not guarantee employment with the orchestra. The Boston Landmarks Orchestra performs mainly in the summer months, in free concerts at the Hatch Memorial Shell, and in Boston’s neighborhoods.

Those selected for a live audition will be notified of their appointment time by March 18. Auditions will be held in Boston.

Everyone is encouraged to apply. Boston Landmarks Orchestra is an equal opportunity employer.


Click here to download the bassoon audition excerpts.

Audition Repertoire

Beethoven               Symphony  No. 4, 4th mvt: mm. 184–188
Beethoven               Symphony  No. 5, 3rd mvt: mm. 244–324
Mozart                      Marriage of Figaro Overture, mm. 1–24 and 139–171
Prokofiev                 Peter and the Wolf, [15] to 4th measure of [16]
Ravel                         Boléro, solo
Rimsky-Korsakov Sheherazade, 2nd mvt: solo (beginning to [A]), and cadenza
Stravinsky               Rite of Spring, opening solo through 3rd measure after [3]
Tchaikovsky            Symphony No. 4, 2nd mvt: mm. 274–end
Tchaikovsky            Symphony No. 5, 3rd mvt: mm. 18–72
Tchaikovsky            Symphony No. 6, 1st mvt: mm. 1–12

All auditioners should be prepared to play the First Movement of Mozart’s Concerto in B flat Major (K. 191)