2018 Donors

Our programs are made possible by the financial generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations.
Boston Landmarks Orchestra believes in breaking down barriers for all people. We are proud to be a Mass. Cultural Council UP Organization.

Generously sponsored by

Free for All Concert Fund

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Boston Landmarks Orchestra 2018 Donors

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Supporters

$250,000 and above
Free for All Concert Fund

Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Boston Foundation
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The Free for All Fund at The Boston Foundation
Klarman Family Foundation
Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.

Boston Arts Summer Institute
Eversource Energy
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Plymouth Rock Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Cogan Family Foundation
Eaton Vance
Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation
Highland Street Foundation
John Hancock Financial Services
Music Performance Trust Fund
Paul & Edith Babson Foundation

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bessie Pappas Charitable Foundation
Boston Cultural Council
Cambridge Trust Company
Century Bank
Control Concepts, Inc.
Korean Cultural Society of Boston
Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation, Inc.

Conservatory Lab Charter School Foundation, Inc.
Haddad Family Charitable Trust
Lawrence & Lillian Solomon Fund, Inc.
Network for Good

Matching Gifts
Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Auto Desk Foundation
Bank of America
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Merck Foundation
MFS Investment Management
Wellington Management

Individual Support

Music Director Benefactor
Amos and Barbara Hostetter
The Mill River Fund
Katharine and Anthony Pell
Lia Poorvu and William Poorvu
Allison Ryder and David Jones
Stephen and Alicia Symchych

Music Director Platinum
Richard and Rebecca Hawkins
Michael and Karen Rotenberg

Music Director Gold
Laura Connors and Brian O’Connell
Jo Frances and John Meyer
Jeryl and Steve Oristaglio
Epp Sonin
Edwin and Joan Tiffany

Music Director Silver
Richard and Nonnie Burnes
Alfred D. Chandler III and Susan Esco Chandler
Mark Churchill
Jack and  Eileen Connors
Gene and Lloyd Dahmen
Katherine and Neil Diver
David Mugar
Mitchell and Cynthia Neider
Myran Parker-Brass and Kenneth Brass
Laura Roberts and Edward Belove
Jan and Stuart Rose
Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton
John Shields and Christiane Delessert
Scott Squillace and Christopher Gayton
Anne Symchych
Michael Yogman and Elizabeth Ascher

Music Director Bronze
Hanna and James Bartlett
Ann and John Clarkeson
Peter and Dieuwke Fiedler
Andrew J. Ley and Carol P. Searle
Jeffrey Markley
Kyra and Coco Montagu
Maureen and Michael Ruettgers
David and Marie Louise Scudder
Debra and Mark Stevens
Donna and Robert Storer
Marcia Walsh and Eric Block
Robert and Suzanne Walters
Douglas and Laura Wilkins

Linda Cabot Black
Paul and Catherine Buttenwieser
Ronald Casty
James Clarkeson
Lawrence and Nancy Coolidge
Corinne Dame
Mary Darmstaetter
Joseph and Eden Davies
Priscilla Deck and Sean Kelly
Harron Ellenson and Roger Snow
Howard Gardner and Ellen Winner
Ellen Golde
Richard Howe and Betty Ann Limpert
Pamela and John Humphrey
Elizabeth and Paul Kastner
John Keane
Rona Kiley
Steven Levitsky
Anne Linn
James McCann and James Canales
Priscilla and John McMahon
Sharon and Brian McNally
Kristin Mortimer
John Curtis Perry and Sarah Hollis Perry
Suzanne Priebatsch
Suzanne and Bernard Pucker
Diana Rowan Rockefeller
Michael Rubenstein and Elizabeth Skavish
Eileen Shapiro and Reuben Eaves
Judy Reed Smith and Normand Smith
Joan Margot Smith
Stephen Spinetto and Alice Krapf
Fredericka and Howard Stevenson
David and Megan Szabo
Benjamin and Katherine Taylor
Deborah Thaxter and Robert Adkins
Richard Trant
Clara Wainwright
Christopher Wilkins
Herbert P. Wilkins and Angela M. Wilkins
Milton Wright
Benjamin Zander

Benjamin and Caroline Ansbacher
Theodore Ansbacher and Barbara Nash
Bettie Cartwright
Miguel and Suki De Braganca
Katherine DeMarco
Wendy Everett
Glenda and Robert Fishman
Russell and Betty Gaudreau
David and Anne Gergen
Richard and Jean Frova Gran
Gary Gut
Jonathan Hecht and Lora Sabin
Sean Hennessey
Charles and Charlene Hyle
Frederic Johnson
Carole and Robert Kay
Robert Krim and Kathlyne Anderson
Paul and Mimi La Camera
Caroline and James Loken
Katherine and James McHugh
Brigitte and Gerard Moufflet
Tuan Nguyen and Yen Phan
Alan Pafenbach
Robert Panessiti
John Parisi
Pheruze Pell
Rachel Perry
Megan and Alkes Price
Arthur Rishi and Kimberly Howe Rishi
Jean Scarrow
Andrea Schein and Angelo Veneziano
Samuel and Jenni Seicol
Kathy and Gary Sharpless
Elizabeth and Bertram Snyder
Brian Souza
Harry Steckman
Harborne Stuart and Cathy Tankosic
Bernard and Joan Sudikoff
Stella Sung
Beverly Tangvik
Phyllis Vineyard

Robert and Margaret Ackerman
James Alexander and Thomas Stocker
John Appleton
Diane Austin and Aaron Nurick
Gabrielle and Rich Coffman
Alvin and Victoria Davis
Catharine-Mary Donovan
Patricia Freysinger
Daniel Langenthal
Jane Lauridsen
Bruce Metzler and Carol Simpson
Leo Pierre Roy and Perry Russell
Tedd and Ella Saunders
Katherine and William Sloan
Brian Sugrue and Katie Fitzpatrick
Richard Trant
Thomas and Barbara Van Dyke
Craig and Catherine Weston
Sally Withington

Guilliaem Aertsen IV
Steven Ascher
Robert and Gudrun Ashton
Maria Benet and Joseph Geller
Lianne Bensley
John and Suzanne Besser
Ruth and Irving Bigio
Maria and Andrew Burtis
Ingrid Christiansen
Dennis Ciccio
Ann Collier
Kathleen Fox Collins
Harold Crowley Jr.
Zoltan and Cristina Csimma
Marian D’Amato
David Dreyer
Ronald Druker
Michael and Kitty Dukakis
Patrick Dukes
Joanne Ekhaml and James Gorman
Joanna and Lindsay Fischer
Edward Fleck and Eileen McCormack
Christopher and Hilary Gabrieli
Melanie Grant
Linda Grasso
Kate Guedj
Ernest Haddad
Mary Jo Haggerty
Eric and Cathy Haines
Gordon Hardy and Alice Dunn
Jonathan and Nahomi Harkavy
The Teufel Family
Sylverlyn and Charles Hill
Kalon Ho
Gordon Holmes
Murray and Linda Janower
Stephen and Cheryl Jonas
Marcia and Edward Katz
John and Rita Kubert
Jo Hanna Kurth
Anmol Mehra
Madaline Minichiello
Ronald and Wanda Mourant
Martin Newhouse
Karen and Mart Ojamaa
Pamela Pacelli and Robert Cooper
Katharine and Michael Pelican
Aiko Pinkoski
Harold and Frances Pratt
Susan and Frederick Putnam
Bradley Richardson and Marylou Sudders
Mona and Malcolm Roberts
Robert Rubin
Richard and Kay Ryder
Jennifer and Steven Ryder
Elise Schaefer
Mary Scudder
Joel and Elinor Siner
Michael Speciner
Madeleine Steczynski
Robert Stern and Frances Arnold
Phebe Thorne
Sidney Topol
Pascal and Mieko van Haeren
Renata von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck
Roger Webb
Dorothy and Stephen Weber
Susan Weiler
Jason Weiner
Jed Ariel Weiss and Ilana Braun
Bruce Wenning

Jonathan Abbott and Shari Malyn
Katherine Ackerman
Jane and Joao Almeida
Mallory and Christopher Amory
Anonymous (4)
Suzanne Archambault
Jane Ashley and Anne Fleche
Eileen Bagley
Stephen and Lynn Baum
James Beagan
Fern Beck
Clarice and Stanley Berman
Donald and Ellen Bloch
Laura Brooks
Jennifer Brountas
Margaret Cain
Arleen Chase
Yvonne and Donald Christensen
Carol Connolly
David and Sheila Cox
Mary Curtis
Lawrence DiCara
Joan Doucette
Charles Dow
Janet Zerlin Fagan
Susan Farber
John and Florence Faro
Martha Ferko
Leslie and Michael Gaffin
Lilla Rhys Gardiner
David Gaynor and Bernice Gaynor
David Getz
Andrew Goodearl
Toni D. Green
Mary Greer
David and Barbara Hammond
Harry Hanson and Annie Hollingsworth
Adrienne Hartzell
Josh Hendrix
Ralph Hodgdon
Arthur and Eloise Hodges
Nancy and Thomas Howley
Gwen Irish
Peter Jones
Jacquelyn Kaplan
Michael and Martha Keating
Thomas and Amy Kwei
Stephen Landrigan
Peter Lawrence
Henry and Joan Lee
Suo Lee
Nancy Lippincott
Daria and David Lyons O’Connor
Adrian Madaro
Barbara Madden
Joseph Mari
Kenneth Maser and Susan Lutwak
Rosanne Pickard Mercer
Elizabeth Meyer
Stephen Michaels
Hilda and Ronald Morrill
Catherine and Keith Morris
Janine Mudge and David Mullen
Reginald and Megan Murphey
Linda Nathan
Suzanne Ouellette
Ruth Paradise
Charles Piccirillo
Heidi Pickett
Linda Pierre
John and Michiko Plimpton
Larry and Valerie Post
Arthur and Joan Priver
Shulamit Reinharz
Sara and Jerald Reisman
Gail Linzee Reitter
Christopher Remmes
Suzanne Ricco
James and Marsha Robbins
James Roberts
Lucy Rosborough
Jonathan and Doris Rothblatt
Richard and Oneida Roye
David Savitz and Elisabeth Keller
Julie Schniewind
Brian and Kathleen Schumacher
Robert and Patricia Severance
Susan Singer
Scott Smith
Michael Stoto
Michael and Diane Szulc
Richard Tagliaferri
Nancy Tentindo
Patricia and Kevin Thorpe
Ann Trousdale
Anna Utech
Ellen Walsh and Thomas Walsh
Leonard Weiss
Asa and Madeline Welty
David and Joyce Wilbourn
Nancy Williams
Pace Willison
Lisa Wilson
Charles and Rosalind Wyman
Charles Wyzanski and Nilgun Gokgur
Diane Yasgur and Rodolfo Archbold