2015 Donors

Our programs are made possible by the financial generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations.
Boston Landmarks Orchestra believes in breaking down barriers for all people. We are proud to be a Mass. Cultural Council UP Organization.

Generously sponsored by

Free for All Concert Fund

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Boston Landmarks Orchestra 2015 Donors

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Supporters

Free for All Concert Fund

$25,000 – $100,000
Bloomberg Philanthropies
The Boston Foundation
Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.
Outside the Box
Yawkey Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999
Cabot Family Charitable Trust
Hunt Alternatives
Massachusetts Cultural Council

$5,000 – $9,999
Clipper Ship Foundation
Cogan Family Foundation
John Hancock Financial Services
Highland Street Foundation
Lost and Foundation
Bessie Pappas Charitable Foundation
New Music USA
Shields Health Care Group
Winn Family Charitable Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

$1,000 – $2,499
Alchemy Foundation
Edmund & Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation
Fiduciary Trust Company
Peabody Essex Museum
Adelard A. Roy and Valeda Lea Roy Foundation
Albert Shapiro Fund, Inc.
Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Fund

$100 – $999
Charles River Canoe and Kayak
Innogive Foundation
MFS Investment Management
Plimpton-Shattuck Fund

Individual Support

$25,000 and above
The Chandler Family
Susan Esco Chandler and Alfred D. Chandler III
Stephen and Alicia Symchych

$10,000 – $24,999
Jeff D. Makholm and Roberta Parks
Michael and Karen Rotenberg

$5,000 – $9,999
Jack and Eileen Connors
Cynthia and Oliver Curme
Peter and Dieuwke Fiedler
Ann and Graham Gund
Jo Frances and John Meyer
Katharine and Anthony Pell
Allison Ryder and David Jones
Epp Sonin
Edwin and Joan Tiffany
Arthur Winn

$2,500- $4,999
Laura Connors and Brian O’Connell
Theodore H. Cutler
John Shields and Christiane Delessert
Roger Snow and Harron Ellenson
Debra and Mark Stevens

$1,000- $2,499
David Arnold and Ann Moritz
Smoki Bacon and Dick Concannon
Richard and Nonnie Burnes
Ronald and Ronni Casty
Gene and Lloyd Dahmen
Priscilla H. Douglas
Howard Gardner and Ellen Winner
David and Anne Gergen
Stanley Griffith and Ann Schauffler
Richard and Rebecca Hawkins
Barbara Hughey
Pamela and John Humphrey
Steven E. Levitsky
Andrew Ley and Carol Searle
Anne Linn
David Mugar
Kyra and Coco Montagu
Richard and Marie Oedel
Jeryl and Stephen Oristaglio
Lia and William Poorvu
David and Marie Louise Scudder
Eileen Shapiro and Reuben Eaves
Wendy Shattuck and Sam Plimpton
Joel and Elinor Siner
Scott Squillace
David Szabo
Deborah Thaxter and Robert Adkins
Marcia Walsh and Eric Block
Robert and Suzanne Walters
Christopher Wilkins

$500 – $999
Anonymous (2)
Caroline and Ben Ansbacher
Ted Ansbacher and Barbara Nash
Enid Beal
Robert Beal
Caroline Bird
Donald Bird
Thomas Boss
Ben Bryant
Paul and Catherine Buttenwieser
Anne Colleton and Bill Davison
Julie Crockford and Sheridan Haines
Zoltan and Cristina Csimma
Sally and Dennis Dale
Carol Deane
Michael and Kitty Dukakis
Patricia L. Freysinger
Christopher and Hilary Gabrieli
Christopher Gayton
Judith Goldberg
Jonathan S. Hecht and Lora Sabin
Sean Hennessey
Edith Mead Holway
Richard Howe and Betty Ann Limpert
Jennifer and Edward Hurley-Wales
Stephen and Darcy Immerman
Frederic Johnson
Elizabeth and Paul Kastner
Michael and Claire King
Charles and Susan Longfield
Peter Musliner and Maria Sauzier
Peter Rabinowitz
Stuart and Jan Rose
Abby and Donald Rosenfeld
Maureen and Michael Ruettgers
Andrea Schein and Angelo Veneziano
Stephen Spinetto and Alice Krapf
Donna and Robert Storer
Joan and Bernard Sudikoff
Benjamin and Katherine Taylor
Suzanne Tompkins
Christopher and Lauren Verni
Renata von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck
Clara Wainwright
Angela and Herbert Wilkins
Benjamin Zander

$250 – $499
Robert Ackerman
James Alexander and Thomas Stocker
Howard Amidon
John Appleton
Henry and Jeannie Becton
Linda Cabot Black
Sarah and Carl Blume
Ingrid Christiansen
Mark Churchill
Alvin and Victoria Davis
Catherine-Mary Donovan
Maurice and Muriel Finegold
Newell and Kate Flather
David and Bernice Gaynor
Alexandra and David Harrison
Patrick Hickox and Brigid Williams
Stephen and Cheryl Jonas
Robert and Kathleen Kenney
Rona and Robert Kiley
Robert Krim and Kathlyne Anderson
Bonny Lamb
Mark and Kimberly Luiggi
Elise Moore
Kristin Mortimer
Robert Oot and Carol Robey
Pamela Pacelli and Robert Cooper
Myran Parker-Brass and Kenneth Brass
Michael Peluse
John and Michiko Plimpton
Suzanne Priebatsch
Suzanne and Bernard Pucker
Arthur Rishi
Tedd and Ella Saunders
David Savitz and Elisabeth Keller
Robert N. Shapiro
Jeffrey and Paula Stookey
Ildiko Szabo
Marcus Thompson
Jed and Ilana Weiss
Craig and Catherine Weston

$100 – $249
Anonymous (5)
Deborah Aldrich
Jane and Joao Almeida
Peter Ambler and Lindsay Miller
Diane Austin and Aaron Nurick
Eileen Bagley
Sandra and David Bakalar
Jonathan Bass
Stephen Baum
Martha and Robert Berardino
Anne and Roger Berman
Clarice and Stanley Berman
Ruth and Irving Bigio
Donald and Ellen Bloch
Thomas Burger and Andree Robert
Margaret Burt
Jerald and Deborah Berwick
Yvonne and Donald Christensen
John and Holly Cratsley
Harold S. Crowley Jr.
Marian D’Amato
Corinne Dame
Mary Darmstaetter
Marguerite Davoren
Katherine DeMarco
Pauline Dessertine
Virginia Devlin
Nicholas and Lisa DiGiovanni
Charles Dow
Lee Eiseman
Martha Ferko
Judith Ferretti
Glenda Fishman
Elizabeth Foley
Virginia and William Foote
Frederic Freidus
Glenn Galusha
Andrea Golden and Barry McManus
Henry Goodrow
Linda and Stephen Greyser
Richard and Carol Habermann
Mary Jo Haggerty
Eric and Cathy Haines
Ruth Hamlen
Jane and James Hartmann
Sylverlyn and Charles Hill
Edward and Pamela Hoffer
Heather Hohenthal
Elizabeth and Adolf Jochnick
Mary J. Kakas
Thomas Kershaw
Donald and Joan Korb
Jo Hanna Kurth
Anita Lemaire and J. Daniel Lindley
Stanley and Kathy Levinson
Jean and Warren Little
Kathy and Paul Marshall
Kenneth Maser and Susan Lutwak
Rachel and Jerome McGourthy
Pamela McLemore
C. Bruce Metzler
Elizabeth Meyer
Jean Michaels
Myron Miller
Wanda and Ronald Mourant
Janine Mudge Mullen and David Mullen
Kathryn and Glenn Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Joanne and Robert Paone
Colette Phillips
Aiko Pinkoski
Larry and Valerie Post
Harold and Frances Pratt
Susan Prindle
Barbara Rappaport
Gail and Frank Reitter
James Roberts
James Rodgers
Kay and Richard Ryder
Ellen Scerbo
Elise Schaefer
Peggy Scott
Monte Silberger
Elizabeth Sisam
Lois and James Smithson
Ann Spitzer
Madeleine Steczynski
Mary and John Sullivan
John M. Tarrh
Angelo Tilas and Linda Mather
Sidney Topol
Ivy A. Turner
Leonard A. Weiss
Bruce Wenning
Nancy Williams
Sara Withington
Henry Wolstat and Marjorie Radin
Charles and Rosalind Wyman
Joyce Yaffee

$1 – $99
Katherine Ackerman
Eduardo Alcazar
Concetta Alduino and Paula McCarthy
Todd and Lynn Anderson
Patricia Arcand
Veronica Gibaja and Enrique Arevalo
Thomas Austin
Mari and Joel Barrera
Janet Beaven
Carol Bell
Judith Benson
Stephanie and Steven Bernstein
David Billo and Kathryn Deroma-Billo
Naomi Boatright
John Bradley
Chester and Anthea Brigham
Margaret Cain
Patricia Cardenas
Debra Cave and Jacopo Madaro
Cliff and Joan Chambers
Pamela Civins
James and Nicole Coats
Rosalie Cohen
Elizabeth Condon
Bradford Conner
Carol Connolly
Lawrence and Nancy Coolidge
Rebecca and Ronald Cooper
Sheila and David Cox
Virginia Crocker
Mary Curtis
Mary D’Ambrosio
Carol and Shawn Days
Gellestrina T. DiMaggio
Zoran and Zorica Djordjevic
Westy and Susan Egmont
Joanne Ekhaml and James Gorman
James Engler
John and Florence Faro
Joy and Edwin Farr
Bronwen Feeney
Laurie Fox
Sarah Freeman
Jacqueline and Henry Gates
Judith Gentile
Mary Greer
Eric Hall Anderson
Roger and Gail Hall
Mary Ellen Hansen
Jacqueline and Scott Havey
Virginia and John Hecker
Ellen Hertzmark
Michelle Hewitt
Constance Hill
Bracha Horovitz
Constance Horton
Deborah and William Horwitz
Katharine Howard
Fred and Janet Howell
Cornelius Hurley and Ellen Philbin
Gwen Irish
Marcia Jacob
Linda and George Jacobson
Elsa Jakob
Steven Jakob and Audrey Prager
Stanley Kankowski and Laura Mylott
Patricia Kartiganer
Jacqueline Kates
Sylvia and Arthur Kelts
Marie Kemmler
Samuel Kendall and Catherine Zusy
Joel Kershner
James Klein
Alyce Lindahl
Nancy Lippincott
Elizabeth Loizeaux
Debra Luchanin
Lynne Lupien
Betty Lykins
David and Sandra Lyons
Barbara Madden
Phyllis Maddox
Michelle Major
Tim Mangini
Arlene Marcus
Katherine Mason
Andrew Matthiessen
James and Linda Means
Joyce and James Michalak
Thaddeus Miles
Charlotte and Arthur Millman
Madaline Minichiello
Jeffrey and Mary Mitchell
Gerald Mordis
Mark and Laurel Neylon
Thomasina A. Nolan
Leonard Novick
William O’Connell
John Oddo
Thomas P. O’Neill III
Theodore and Katherine Ongaro
Julian Orbanes
Norma Jean Osborn
Sally Owen
Mary Parr
Michael Patnode
Janice Paulsen
Michele Pekar-Lempereur and Alain Lempereur
Andrea Phan
Arthur and Joan Priver
Nicole Quinlan
Allan and Bernette Rashba
Kathleen Read
Sharon Regan
Janet Robertson
Robert Rubin
Barbara Savacool
Judith Schwenk
Sibyl Senters
Robert and Patricia Severance
Marie and John Small
Prilla Smith Brackett and George Brackett
Lorraine Stevens
Nancy and James Sweeney
Margaret Thomas
Beth Thomson
Martin Thrope
Natalie Tsekhanovsky
Janet Van Liere
Mary Wagner
Judith Webb
Judith Wechsler and Ben Snyder
Thelma and Christopher Wedig
Mary and Douglas Whallon
Lisa Wilson
Peter Woloschuk
Catherine Wu
Elizabeth Wylde
Diane Yasgur and Rodolfo Archbold
Melissa Zabala