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For the Ages: A Family Guide to the Orchestra


The stirring first symphony of Brahms, Britten's guided tour, and the remarkable students of the Conservatory Lab Charter School's Dudamel Orchestra alongside the pros, as symphonic music casts its enduring spell on each generation. 




Christopher Wilkins, Conductor



Perpetuum mobile (Strauss Jr., Joh.)

Lord of the Rings Symphonic Suite, excerpt (Shore)

The Queen and the Conjurer (Gandolfi)

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (Britten)

Symphony No. 1 (Brahms)


Dudamel Orchestra of the Conservatory Lab Charter School

6th grade

  • Jose Fuentes, violin
  • Nechemiah Israel, percussion
  • Chavez Singletary, viola
  • Dorothy Fleming, percussion
  • Jason Wei, flute
  • Kelly Exilus, viola
  • Yantaya Smith, violin

5th grade

  • Chelsea Beauvais, viola
  • Joydanze Bobb-Semple, violin
  • Kam'Rahn Carter, trumpet
  • Stella Dzialas, flute
  • Nora Feeney, cello
  • Christopher Fulton-Harley, violin
  • Sofya Gurel, clarinet
  • Kyra Hamilton, flute
  • Beatrice Jackson, flute
  • Maya James, flute
  • Benjamin Lee, flute
  • Colby Mei, violin
  • Arianna Rodriguez, trumpet
  • Jelitza Romero, clarinet
  • AnthonyVega, trumpet
  • Kathleen Wei, viola
  • Nahshon Yisrael, cello
  • Alan Aunaxe, percussion

4th Grade

  • Olivia Cox, violin
  • Joshua Dam, violin
  • Kayleen Guzman, cello
  • Samuel Muzac, viola
  • Elijah Robson, violin
  • Nathaniel Wertheimer, trombone
  • Mark Anthony Cazir, bass
  • Emmanuel Dejeanlouis, trombone

3rd Grade

  • Tess Lepeska-True, cello
  • Meghan Mei, violin
  • Mayara Ryland, viola
  • Niko Arnold-O'Grady, violin


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 Boston, MA 02116

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